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We are the European sister of China's largest digital media for technology and venture capital, founded in year 2010 and listed on Nasdaq (KRKR) since 2019. With global offices in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe, we serve more than 300 million audience in three languages both on desktop and mobile, achieving 850+ million average monthly page views.

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No matter what campaign, top-notch content goes first. This is the principal fundament of our publicity work. Being one of China's most influential media network, we help curate and radiate your voice to millions of tech enthusiasts.

Research_Data _Insights

Powered by in-house experts and data engine, we deliver global clients with exclusive, first-hand and top-quality research insights. From sector screening to data drilling, we support decision-making across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Leveraging our extensive network across China and Asia, we access local entrepreneurs, tech-giants, corporations, investors as well as non-profit organizations. Tailored to match your expansion or localization needs.